Piano Quintet (2007)

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completed 19 February 2007, Cedar Rapids, IA; world-premiere 22 April 2007, University of Iowa, Clapp Recital Hall, CNM

“…joyful, often exuberant…everything is beautiful.” Fanfare Magazine

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The melodic, harmonic, and formal structures of my Piano Quintet (2007) are all informed by the interval of a perfect fourth, used as a way of structurally offsetting key areas contrapuntally. I exploited the interval’s chameleon-like relationship to the tonic and layered closely related key areas to create vertical configurations that are rich in timbre and melodic content. This allowed me to adeptly move in and out of structurally significant foreign key areas.  The work was commissioned by the University of Iowa in commemoration of the School of Music’s Centennial Celebration, and is dedicated to David Gompper and the Center for New Music.