Dreams of Fin (2006)

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Completed 12 February 2006, Lake Charles, LA; world-premiere 5 June 2006 Kuenstlerklub, Frankfurt, Germany by Wolfgang David

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Dreams of Fin (2006) was conceived as an extension of Finnegan’s Wake by David Gompper. Gompper states that in writing Finnegan’s Wake, his “intention was to effect transformation of the foot-stomping dance tune by leading it through a labyrinth of rhythmic manipulations, and into a series of playful excursions.”

I see his work also as an interpolation of the wake of the so-named character in James Joyce’s final novel. Dreams of Fin attempts to make a further interpolation, where the material then becomes an extension of Gompper’s work, beginning precisely where Finnegan’s Wake ends as though one has passed into what Edgar Alan Poe once referred to as the “Dream World.” I thusly reordered the intervals of the primary motive from Gompper’s work and applied my own musical syntax to create a new motive.

Commissioned by Austrian violinist Wolfgang David.