The Waves Roll on, Thundering and Shimmering excerpt (2005) – performed by the ensemble Studio New Music, Moscow Conservatory

completed 15 April 2005, Iowa City, IA; world-premiere 22 April 2006, Rachmaninoff Hall, Moscow Conservatory

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The Waves Roll on, Thundering and Shimmering” (2005) is a particularly vivid line from Fedor Tutchyev’s (1803 – 73) poem The Last Love. Tutchyev equates the sea to the “…boundless and free…” afterlife, where it is “…bathed in dim radiance…in the solitude of night.” Using this image as my impetus, I created a motive with a very simple contour reflective of the ebb and tide motion of the sea, as suggested by Tutchyev. My motive then served as my melodic, rhythmic, and formal guide. Composed for the ensemble Studio New Music at the Moscow Conservatory, the work is dedicated to Vladimir Tarnopolski, its director.