The Solids

completed 31 January 2017; world-premiere, 4 April 2017, University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble

The Solids (2017) is an experiment in the spatial representation of the Plutonic Solids, named after the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato (ca. 428 – 348). Each solid is a regular, convex polyhedron in three-dimensional space, and is constructed by congruent polygonal faces with the same number of sides (or faces), meeting at each vertex. This very prescriptive definition means that only five such objects exist: the Tetrahedron (four faces), the Cube (six faces), the Octahedron (eight faces), the Dodecahedron (twelve faces), and the Icosahedron (twenty faces). Only three of these are represented in this work. The ensemble is interspersed into the audience, and arranged in a pattern reflective of the vertices. The performers are faced in particular ways, so that each audience member will “feel” the waves of sound as they pass through or connect with other sound waves, thereby creating a three-dimensional experience, using the medium of sound.